• Academic License in Geology (Scientific and Technological Specialization) – FCUP – 1996
  • Post-graduate in Business Management – ISAG – 2008
  • Attending the Master in Economics and Human Resources Management – FEP
Ana Correia
Project Manager
Head of HR and QSE

Ana Correia graduated in June 1996 from the Sciences Faculty in Porto with a licentiate degree in Geology. Later she completed a post-graduate degree in Business Management from ISAG and currently attends the Master in Economics and Human Resources Management at the FEP.

She joined GEG in June 1998 as a project designer in the geology field and project manager since 2003.

As a project manager, she is responsible for the leadership of teams carrying out the work detailed in a certain project, the administration of resources such as people, equipment and supporting facilities, the management subcontracted services.

With regard to complementary professional training, she has participated in several initiatives and actions mainly in the area of project management and coordination, especially the Project Management training at IC Consulenten in Austria in 2009.

With training in the area of event management, she has participated since 2010 in the organisation of international events, promoted by GEG in the area of Project Management, for private and public entities.

Her experience in the last years is in the coordination area, project management and planning resources.

Since 2012 she is responsible for several processes associated with human resources management, including recruitment and selection processes, and internal performance evaluation.

Since 2015 she has been responsible for the management of Quality, Environment and Safety systems, in particular for the ISO 14001 standard environmental management system implementation in 2012, and for the transition process of the integrated management system, in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 of 2015.

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