• Academic License in Civil Engineering (Geotechnics) – FEUP – 2005
  • Ordem dos Engenheiros (OE) – Effective Member
Pedro Pereira
Project Manager
Geology & Geotechnics

Pedro Pereira graduated in July 2005 from the Engineering Faculty in Porto with a licentiate degree in Civil Engineering, specialisation in Geotechnics.

He joined GEG in September 2005 as a project designer in the Geology and Geotechnics department. His current functions include Project Management in the same department.

His experience in the project design field has been mainly dedicated to assignments concerning active and passive slope and rockfall analysis and stabilisation, embankment construction and reinforcement, earth retaining structures, underground constructions, micropiles, among others.

He is also responsible for the inspection visits to several Portuguese roadways and railways with the objective of maintaining and rehabilitate the geotechnical associated structures.

Relatively to his complementary professional formation, he participated in several initiatives, such as the 2nd International Conference on Site Characterization, the Tunnels for High-Speed Railways, which occurred in October 2009, and several National Geotechnical Congresses.

He has also participated in several technical workshops in the geotechnical field, related to new techniques namely Jet Grouting and Cutter Soil Mixing, provided by the Technical Engineering Institute of Porto, during 2012.

He is the co-author of a paper which has been recently published in the books of the “10º Congresso Nacional de Geotecnia”, 2006. The article had the title “Rock falls Analysis in the Fontaínhas Slope – Porto”.

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