GEG at the “Solar Energy: Future Paths” symposium

24 October, 2014

On 6 and 7 October 2014, a symposium with the theme “Solar Energy: Future Paths”, sponsored by the Portuguese Institute for Solar Energy (IPES), took place at the University of Évora. During this symposium, there was a visit to the new testing platform for solar concentrators with large dimensions and many studies in this field were presented.

The Testing Platform for Solar Concentrators with large dimensions is integrated on an important research project developed by University of Évora (UE), in Portugal.

GEG was responsible for the structural and foundations detailed design of this testing platform.

The construction of these testing platforms, based on two axes, allows the investigation of large test modules (18 x 13 m) at temperatures up to 400 °C (thermal oil circuit).

The installation of this type of equipment enables to extend the scope of applications of solar thermal energy, in particular in sectors such as solar thermoelectricity and heat industrial process. Currently, the development of standards, product certification and other elements for these platforms are being studied, which are important to establish objective quality criteria and increasing their reliability.

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