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Concrete water tunnel in Damaia – Stage 2


The second stage of this project intended to finalize the construction of the diversion of Caneiro da Damaia, started with the construction of the Tunnel of Benfica in CRIL. With the construction of the Tunnel of Benfica, in CRIL (Internal Ring Road in Lisbon) was concluded the first phase of the deviation, keeping the original layout. With this project, the diversion of Caneiro da Damaia was completed, allowing the improvement of the rainwater drainage system of this area.

The infrastructure is located along the  road “A-da-Maia”, in Amadora, and ends at the intersection with the Alcântara water tunnel, next to Benfica Market, in the L3CD box. The extension of this section has 340 m, consisting of 105 m of pile walls with two shoring levels (in the deepest area) and 235 m of concrete box-culvert precast by the “cut-and-cover” method and with the use of temporary supports. The section of the water tunnel is rectangular with dimensions 5.0 x 2.5 m2 and a maximum depth of 11 m. There is an intermediate access box (M1CD) and an intersection box with the Alcântara water tunnel (L3CD).

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Infraestruturas de Portugal
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Detailed design, Geological and geotechnical studies, Geotechnical Engineering, Ground support and earth retaining structures, Structural Engineering, Foundations design, Deep foundations, underpinning and micropiling, Instrumentation & Monitoring, Consulting and on-site technical support
Amadora, Portugal
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