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Consolidation of the Boundaries of the Old Fish Market Platform


The Area of the Former Fish Market of the Port of Aveiro assumes a significant role in the investments of Aveiro Polis, corresponding to an important infrastructure of the Polis Program operations in Aveiro. The intervened zone is located in the Ria de Aveiro.

Due to the low bearing capacity of the foundation soil, it was studied and implemented a ground improvement solution by means of Vibro-replacement, which consists in the introduction of columns of gravel into the foundation soil through specially designed depth vibrators, under the areas where the platform walls and its foundations were to be executed.

The employed soil improvement is based on the execution of flexible inclusions, with high deformability, without cohesion and with great drainage capacity which, through concentration and redistribution of loads, increases the load-bearing capacity of the soil and reduces the settlements.

Key Facts
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ICSA / Polis Aveiro
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Detailed design, Geological and geotechnical studies, Monitoring of the site investigation work, Consulting and on-site technical support
Aveiro, Portugal
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