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Within the Cutty Sark Conservation design, which was developed by Buro Happold (Structural Engineering) and Grimshaw (Architecture), GEG was invited to make an independent check on the dynamic response of the ship due to human induced vibration.

GEG conducted this analysis check in partnership with Prof. Rui Calçada, from FEUP (Engineering Faculty of Porto University). The Cutty Sark integrated the Summer Olympics London 2012 and is located in the Greenwich area.

Dynamic Analysis

The dynamic analysis check, carried out by GEG in partnership with FEUP led to the following conclusions:

  • Within the basic comfort assessment analysis, the vast majority of results showed accelerations that represent maximum or medium comfort levels, except some results on the Hold Deck, which, for certain frequency levels (2.0 and 2.4 Hz), indicate the minimum and even unacceptable levels of comfort.
  • In order to take into account the random nature of the pedestrian loading and, therefore, to reach a more realistic prediction of the actual dynamic effects, a stochastic dynamic analysis was performed based on Monte-Carlo simulation method. The results of this analysis indicate that all scenarios modelled show accelerations that represent maximum or medium comfort levels.
Key Facts
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London, United Kingdom
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