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Hamriyah Pumping Station


The consultancy services provided by GEG were related the Design and Construction Supervision contract regarding the Seawater Intake and Outfall Systems of the Hamriyah Station for Power Generation and Water Desalination commissioned by the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) to Sogreah Gulf FZCO (Sogreah).

The Hamriyah power plant is the largest in the Emirate and its location is within the compound of Hamriyah Station for Power & Desalination next to Hamriyah Port and Hamriyah Free Zone, geographically North of Ajman.

The scope of work was concerned to the future salt water pumping station for the Hamriyah power station, which involves the construction of Intake and Outfall structures, in addition to the pumping station. The pumping station will consist of a single storey reinforced concrete structure and it is expected that the bottom of the pumping station will be located about 13 m below the finished grade level. The ground stratigraphy at the proposed pumping station location consists of sand fill underlain by native sand. A silt layer was noted within the native sand at some parts of the project site. Generally, groundwater was encountered at depths ranging from 1.6 to 2.8 m below the current ground surface.

As a consequence of high growth in demand and environmental considerations, there is a great need to expand water production facilities by desalination while maintaining or reducing abstraction from groundwater and partially desalination by use of brackish water RO systems.

Based on latest good experience with the application of RO technology and reliability in operation SEWA has decided to employ more RO desalination technology to make use of economic benefits in capital cost and running cost. In Hamriyah Station a hybrid of 71,5 % reverse osmosis (RO) and 28,5 % multi-effect distillation (MED) desalination technologies has been planned in order to maximise overall station efficiency and operate on lowest production cost of power generation and water desalination. The planned total desalination capacity in Hamriyah Station is 140 MIGD.

The project with the single largest impact on production capacity is the combined Station for Power Generation and Desalination at Hamriyah, which will be about 2.600 MW of power generation by gas turbines in combined cycle and 140 MIGD desalination, where 40 MIGD will be MED and 100 MIGD RO desalination to cover the additional water and power requirements of the Emirate till 2018.

As per original plan by 2021, Hamriyah Power Station will be provided with a total desalination capacity of 140 million gallons of drinking water per day with individual installation of Phase 1 RO plant with total capacity of 20 million gallons per day in 2010, and MED desalination plants with total capacity of 20 million gallons per day in 2011 while the period between 2013 to 2021 will witness the provision of further 80 million gallons per day in RO and 20 million gallons per day in MED with the rate of 20 million gallons per day in steps of every two years.

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Sogreah Gulf
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Tender support, Geotechnical Engineering, Site investigation analysis and interpretation of results, Geological and geotechnical studies, Excavations and earthworks design, Foundations design, Deep foundations, underpinning and micropiling, Geotechnical and geological modeling, Quantity surveying
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
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