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High-Speed Railway track between Porto and Vigo


During the period between 2009 and 2011, GEG developed several studies for RAVE – High-speed Network Portuguese Administration – including railway alignment, tunnels, bridges, retention walls, geological and geotechnical studies and design, and environmental impact.

This line is one of the most important investments for Portugal, since it represents a connection to the community in the Northwest of Spain, especially to Vigo. This geographical area counts with significant investments by international companies and the construction of this line will represent a new point of development.

European Community development funds were to be used, along with funds from Portuguese and Spanish governments. A revised and more extensive study was in progress since 2008 till 2011.

GEG was responsible for developing new studies, with additional details and with several changes proposed by authorities, including some alignment redefinitions. This section, from Porto’s International Airport to Valença, near Portuguese border with Spain, has a total extension of about 117 km and crosses densely populated areas on a very uneven terrain, such as Braga.

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RAVE – High-speed Network Portuguese Administration
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Porto-Braga / Barcelos-Valença, Portugal
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