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Kalandula Shopping


The Kalandula Shopping Centre is divided in two buildings, a four storeys shopping and a ten storeys support building.

The shopping building has a regular 200×300 m2 regular shape. Due to its large dimensions, several expansion joints were adopted leading to a set of 22 structural independent bodies. It was adopted a regular column matrix of 12×8 m supporting waffle slabs.

The support building is elliptically shaped with 130.20 m length and 25.20 m width. A central expansion joint was adopted dividing the building in two structural equal shaped independent bodies. It was adopted the same structural solution of the shopping building for the slabs except in the first floor were a solid slab was adopted.

  • Construction Area – 254.634 m2
  • Services Construction Area – 22.901 m2
  • Commercial Construction Area – 102.257 m2
  • Parking Area – 128.766 m2
  • Construction Volume – 1.259.072 m3
Key Facts
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Ridge Solutions
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Luanda, Angola
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