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Minho Railway Line – Doubling the existent double track between Contumil and Ermesinde


This project, developed by GEG, included the design of all the structures located along the railway stretch between Contumil and Ermesinde stations, near Porto, with a total length of about 7,5 km.

The widening of the railway platform, in order to accommodate 4 lines instead of the current 2 lines, implied the construction of several retaining walls, due to the proximity of buildings and roads and the instability detected in some of the existing slopes, the reformulation of several existing unlevelled passes and the building of new ones, in order to eliminate several existent level passes and to conform to the road traffic net provided by the city councils and the integration of a viaduct where the two new lines will be installed.

The main constraints to the development of this project are the high building density through the canal and the need to keep the line operational at all times.

This project included the foundations and structural design of 18 retaining walls with a total extension of about 3.100 m, 13 unlevelled passes (distributed by underpasses and overpasses, for both pedestrian and road traffic), 1 railway viaduct with 120 m of extension, 5 hydraulic passes and a new interface station in Rio Tinto.


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Contumil-Ermesinde, Portugal
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