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The Heart of Europe – Quay Walls


The Heart of Europe is a group of six islands located on “The World”, in Dubai. Made up of 300 islands reclaimed from the sea in the shape of the world map, this engineering achievement is a collection of private and resort islands, located off the coast of Dubai. GEG’s contribution to this project was the Geotechnical and Structural design of quay walls for the St. Petersburg and Germany Island.

Heart of Europe


2 islands

St Petersburgo

concrete blockworks


concrete L-shaped walls

Designed in the shape of a heart, St Petersburg Island is designed to be a vacation retreat located approximately 8 km of Dubai’s coast. The designed quay walls consist of concrete blockwork with a quarry run behind the wall, including a protective revetment on the front side. The wall’s length is of 240 m and a maximum height of 4.5 m.


Designed in the shape of a horseshoe, Germany Island located approximately 8 km of Dubai’s coast, has properties which provide waterfront views. The designed quay walls consist of precast reinforced concrete L-shaped walls, including a protective revetment on the front side. The wall’s length is of 94 m and the maximum height of 5.8 m.

Our team’s scope of work included the following activities:

  • Site investigations program for evaluation of liquefaction assessment;
  • Definition of Geotechnical parameters;
  • Recommendations for the implementation of vibro-compaction;
  • Design recommendations to counteract liquefaction;
  • External stability verifications (overturning, sliding, bearing capacity, settlements and overall stability) for the several load combinations (normal, extreme e seismic) the quay walls might be exposed to;
  • Geotechnical modelling;
  • Geometrical study of the concrete blockworks;
  • Geotechnical and structural design of the quay walls;
  • Design and calculation reporting;
  • Review and revision of the technical specifications for construction.

This project demonstrated GEG’s flexibility when faced with uncertainty such as the global warming’s impact in raising sea levels or the ability to design in unusual conditions such as land reclamation, having provided a complex and suitable solution.

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THOE Limited / CWP Engineering
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Marine and coastal geotechnical engineering, Soil-structure interaction analysis, Geological and geotechnical characterization, Geotechnical Engineering
Dubai, UAE
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