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Quinta do Vale Resort


Quinta do Vale resort is located in a privileged environmental area and easy to reach in the Algarve, near the village of Castro Marim and the border with Spain. The resort comprises 59 villas and several buildings and recreational and leisure areas, such as a restaurant, swimming pools, golf courses, tennis court and football field.

GEG was involved in this project from the outset and also provided on-site technical support during the construction stage.

Structural solution

The villas comprise underground basements in general, and in some cases, the slope is bigger than a basement level, so it was considered that the retaining walls could be built in a basement or more. The building’s structure comprises a system of slabs, beams, columns and concrete walls. The stairs, retaining walls and foundations complete the structural system.

The restaurant is located in the resort’s centre and consists of a basement and ground floor. The basement used for parking and storage is enclosed by retaining walls. The restaurant has a lift shaft and a staircase that connects the two floors.

The indoor swimming pool is materialized by an underground structure, with a sight for the sports fields. The roofing comprises a concrete structure supported on columns and flat slabs, calculated to bear the weight of soil above them.

The toilets are underground simple structures, located near the restaurant, in the central area of the resort.

In general, structural design followed the guidelines defined by the architecture, with the optimization of some sections. The criteria that presided over the design were related to safety, economy, durability and good integration in the spaces.

Key Facts
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Arch. Manuel Ventura
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Detailed design, Foundations design, Structural Engineering, Roadway design, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design, Fire safety design, Consulting and on-site technical support
Castro Marim, Portugal
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