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RAFAL Real Estate Development Co. is one of the most prestigious housing developers in KSA. This project is located in Riyadh and comprises a 57 high-end residential tower featuring a series of residential apartments by Kempinski, an office block with 9 floors and a shopping mall. The concept of the tower was devised as a prototypical Manhattan skyscraper with its classical elegant silhouette.

Façade engineering

The development of the structural of the façade engineering focused on providing a set of efficient, buildable, cost effective solutions which meet the architectural intent. Constraints have been identified through the careful appraisal of identified information related to the site and the local environmental conditions. The requirements of harmony within the structure are affected by the relationships between the different systems of the structure, including the load resistance and transfer system (the structural system), the architectural system and the functional systems required by the use of the structure.

Key Facts
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Façade Engineering, Fire safety design
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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