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Zaouiat Ait-Mellal Tunnel


This project was relative to the stabilisation of a slope located above the portal of the Zaouiat Ait-Mellal Tunnel, as part of a national expressway, connecting Imintanout and Argana, in Morocco.

The need for stabilisation was mainly during tunnel’s construction phase, and so the placement of a dynamic rockfall barrier was specified and applied as specified in the original project.

However, a more long term solution was pointed as a better possibility, and so Tecnovia, the contractor, requested to GEG to study an alternative solution.

GEG studied the applicability of a solution constituted by a steel wire mesh in association with end-anchored steel cables and rock nails, presenting in the report the advantages of passive and active stabilisation measures.

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Technical consulting services, Study of alternative solutions, Geological and geotechnical studies, Ground support and earth retaining structures, Tunnel safety
Marrakesh, Morocco
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