Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM concept is a work methodology based on the continuous exchange of information between the several stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the building, from design to rehabilitation/demolition.

The exchange of information in the BIM methodology is based on a virtual model of the design, however, the importance of BIM does not lie in the 3D model, but mainly in the information it contains, functioning as a central repository of information. This repository manages all the information and integrates all the stakeholders, simplifying the process of communication and transmission of information among all.

Besides the optimization of the communication between stakeholders, BIM also facilitates access to all the information, being updated and available to the technics involved in the project whenever necessary. This paradigm shift enables us to understand, solve and follow the complexity and demands of modern projects with further rigour and promptness.

At GEG, the development of BIM is one of its main commitments in order to take the best of this methodology in each moment. Since 2013 GEG has been developing its skills in the development of BIM models, with the application of this methodology in its projects and the development of internal research and development projects.

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