Geology & Geotechnics

Geology & Geotechnics

Geology and Geotechnics are cross-cutting areas to all kinds of engineering design in the most diverse sectors, from buildings to railways, from highways to metros, from maritime structures and ports to dams and hydraulic works. As one of the services provided by GEG since its beginning in 1987, the geological studies and the geotechnical designs constitute today a vital area of expertise at GEG.

Besides constituting an essential support to all projects performed at GEG, as they follow-up and complement the other areas of expertise, Geology and Geotechnics provide high-qualified technical and consultancy services to specific areas. Namely to soil geotechnical site investigation plans, characterisation and improvement, to the studies of soil behaviour and of its interaction with interventions and structures, to viability analyses, to erosion, impact and risk control, to the projects of soil, cliff and slope stabilisation, among others.

In the specific area of Railway Geotechnics, GEG has been developing many studies for waste landfill reinforcements, drainage systems, risk analyses and technical-financial viability studies.

GEG promotes partnership relations with universities in the development of applied studies and master theses that can enlarge and deepen the knowledge in specific areas of Geology and Geotechnics. GEG intends to support and follow-up researches in this area of expertise while promoting a culture of excellence and a continuous innovation in its projects.

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Geology & Geotechnics
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