Ports, Marine & Coastal Engineering

Ports, Marine & Coastal Engineering

Ports, Marine & Coastal Engineering is a multidisciplinary service that addresses the need to find responses to the challenges, some of them involving high levels of complexity, we are faced with during the creation and modernization of infrastructures and port or coast protection.

Ports are important boosters for local and regional economic growth, and facing new and permanent challenges, they need to adapt and modernise themselves. Our expert team commits itself to the development of engineering design that can respond to those needs, adopting outstanding, capable and long-lasting solutions.

We follow up our clients in the different stages of the projects, from the planning of the port and the neighbouring areas and the viability and environmental impact studies to the structures and infrastructures engineering design, general supervision and technical consultancy. GEG promotes a close and trustful relationship with its clients and partners.

When developing maritime and coastal works, we take into great account the environment where our projects take place. We define integrated and sustainable solutions that have a very reduced impact on the neighbouring environmental resources, like for instance the renovation of coastal areas or submarine outfalls.

The scope of GEG’s multidisciplinary services anchors itself on the huge experience of its experts, particularly in the areas of geology and geotechnics, transports and environment, and is backed by a network of high qualified partners comprising universities and companies with a very high know-how in the area of ports and maritime works.

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Ports, Marine & Coastal Engineering
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