Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Responding to the steady increase of energy consumption, to the shortage of non-renewable resources and to the increase of global warming, GEG contributes to the role of Renewable Energies through the development of several services that can help solve this global issue of the utmost importance for the sustainability of our planet.

This way, GEG is focused on the development of services that include studies and engineering design in the domains of the production of water, solar and wind energy; here the highlights go to the hydroelectric exploitation, an area of expertise where GEG has proved its experience and competencies.

The use of active and passive solar technologies has been increasing and is constantly evolving with the emergence of increasingly innovating technologies that use solar energy. GEG follows up this evolution and seeks to appeal to these technologies in its own projects, either through active technologies – through the setting up of thermic solar systems on the roofs of buildings and on infrastructures – or through passive technologies – through new proposals that can enhance the thermic characteristics of one given building.

The wind energy presents a great potential in the domain of the renewable energies. In the specific domain of the wind farms, the multidisciplinary experience of GEG’s structure teams enables the performance of foundation works projects for the setting up of wind turbines.

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