Risks & Safety

Risks & Safety

At GEG the development of specialised services in the areas of risk analysis and safety is deeply linked to the knowledge and technical experience in the domains of geology and engineering, as well as to the relations of scientific cooperation that have been promoted with universities from different countries.

Risk analysis imposes itself in any investment projects as an important tool for the clients’ decision. We identify and evaluate risks, define mitigation and protection plans and actions, priority areas for intervention, actions that can promote the resiliency of territories and buildings in our intervention areas.

We conceive «Safety and Health Plans» that follow up projects and works during their life span, promoting a better safety for all those involved in our projects. Furthermore, we develop fire safety designs, coordinated with other areas of engineering and architecture, ensuring the safety of all the users of the equipment throughout the life of the project.

In our partnerships with universities, we develop safety studies for tunnels, notably risk analyses considering fire or accidents involving the transport of dangerous substances, using the most advanced methodologies either in quality or quantity.

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