Public commitment

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GEG’s mission is the development of the best engineering solutions at the same time it promotes confidence, cooperation and respect relations with all the parties that are interested in one project – clients, partners, associates, and users. It is from this very sense of a mission that the corporative responsibility is born, a responsibility linked to the communities where we are present, to our own community, and to the communities where we intervene by means of our projects.

We look at this social and corporative responsibility as a process of continuous improvement of our company in its relation with its associates, partners, and communities. By adding to this very process our vision of sustainability – the growth of the communities where we are present as a vital factor for the growth and the sustainability of the company itself -, we build one of the very cornerstones of the company’s corporative sustainability: the Community.

GEG joins in and promotes activities that are felt as an added value for the community, such as supporting education and sports in our city, and joining volunteer and solidarity programs, either in Portugal or abroad.

The sense of social responsibility within our company relies on the principles of integrity and on the values that have always guided GEG’s action, as for example the responsibility with safety and health that GEG undertakes with its associates or the principles of integrity and ethics GEG promotes in its decisions and actions.

At the same time, the sense of community and the team spirit that one finds in the company are promoted by socialising meetings and events involving the company staff. GEG Events is composed by a team of GEG’s staff, who promote various sports activities and recreational and social activities inside and outside GEG’s office throughout the year.