Science and excellence: the engines for business sustainability

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GEG elects excellence as a cornerstone of its activity and of its entrepreneurial and scientific culture, and of its social and environmental responsibility. The engines for the business sustainability are thus the statement of the values present in its performance, in every project and in every challenge, together with the development of science.

Science plays a central role in GEG’s dynamics, considering it is committed to the provision of high qualified consulting services to its clients, to an advanced and ongoing training of its staff, and to the development of the best engineering solutions at an international level.

We actively commit ourselves to promote scientifically and entrepreneurially based Research, Development, and Innovation, involving ourselves in student and researcher international exchange programs, in the development of applied studies, in the investment on innovation projects, in the support of events and training courses, in the great regard to projects of great merit.

At the same time, we promote scientific cooperation at an international level, with renowned scientific and technologic institutions, either clients or partners, in order to develop innovating solutions that can respond to the intricate challenges our society is facing.

For GEG, the promotion of a culture of excellence and permanent innovation is the basis for a business sustainable development.

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At GEG, the development of science takes place basically through cooperative actions with scientific institutions (Cooperation) and through the projects it develops (Production).

GEG’s production and scientific cooperation focus on the clients’ requests, on the projects for specific needs we develop, and also on global trends, through domestic research, improvement and innovation projects that represent the company’s focus on the development and creation of innovating solutions, processes, and methodologies.

For each project, we determine the needs and define the strategies and the partnerships in order to find the best solution, which will be, whenever necessary, an innovation solution.

Main scientific domains:
  • BIM Methodology
  • High-speed railroad
  • Dynamic of bridges and viaducts
  • Dynamic and Micro-dynamic of buildings
  • Geotechnical engineering applied to railways and roadways
  • Geotechnical engineering applied to tunnels
  • Risks assessment
  • Project Management
  • Sustainable Building Solutions


The initiatives of Research & Development (R&D) promoted or participated by GEG constitute important projects in scientific cooperation.

The main goal of these cooperation projects lies on participation in the development of more efficient and more innovation engineering solutions that can respond to the multiple challenges of our times: the environmental and energetic sustainability of every intervention, the economic competitiveness of every investment, the users’ well-being and the minimisation of natural or technological risks.

Throughout its privileged connections with the university and scientific world, in Portugal or in other countries, GEG joins scientific initiatives from scientific institutions: it participates in R&D programs and assignments, and in international cooperation protocols led by universities and institutes, it joins student and researcher international internship and exchange programs.

In order to promote the expansion and the share of knowledge, GEG engages itself in international congresses, seminars, technical meetings and in other events with a scientific nature. With the same purpose, GEG also promotes regularly the development and the support to masters and PhD dissertations.

Challenging projects or those implying more specific needs foster as well cooperation with universities, knowledge centres and laboratories through the hiring of studies and services for the development of some of the projects GEG is responsible for.

Para conhecer melhor as iniciativas de I&D do GEG poderá fazê-lo em:

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We are completely available to provide any clarifications and to be part of your R&D project.

Raquel Campos e Matos


At GEG, we commit ourselves to the development of the best engineering solutions. In order to give the best response to each project’s specific needs, whenever one project itself demands it we develop innovation solutions and reach for the most advanced technologies.

In addition to the scientific cooperation, at GEG we believe that is essential to base Research, Development, and Innovation on two important vectors: the management of R&D projects and one type of organisational culture focussed on innovation.

The innovation projects’ management developed at GEG bases itself on a continuous improvement and on the systematic management of every project that implies Research, Development, and Innovation. One of the projects that have become one of the company’s focuses at the level of research, development, and innovation relates itself to BIM methodology. This particular focus aims at maximising the potentialities of each tool and their interconnection.

The promotion of a culture of entrepreneurial innovation has been implemented by GEG through the development of multidisciplinary teams, with broad experience and advanced training, through coaching and ongoing training of his staff, and also through proactive policies that will enhance the skills and proficiency of its human resources.