Deconstructing BIM Work Methodology

17 February, 2021

BIM is a work methodology based on the continuous exchange of information between several stakeholders.

Find out more as we deconstruct BIM’s definition.

BIM is not a new way to develop drawings. BIM is not CAD 3D.  BIM is not software (Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla or others). BIM is not a 3D Model. BIM – Building Information Model – or Building Information Management?

What is BIM for you?

BIM is a methodology of working to be developed in an integrated way. BIM started as the acronym of  Building Information Modeling. Nowadays, at the same time that BIM is being not only a 3D Model but becoming, more and more, a complete methodology of Information management, BIM is changing to Building Information Management.

BIM screenshot


The importance of BIM does not lie in the 3D model, but mainly in the information it contains, functioning as a central repository of information, and in the exchange of information based on a virtual and centralized model of design.

This repository manages all the information and integrates all the stakeholders, simplifying the process of communication and the transmission of information among all.

BIM applies not only to buildings but to any construction project. It should start being developed since a conceptual stage and follow the project until the detail design, construction, and even, during operation.



What is BIM for us?

BIM is currently a relevant part of GEG’s design. BIM is actively helping our teams producing more accurate and coordinated projects. It is also helping us to achieve solutions, being more effective, anticipating construction problems, and promoting communication and collaboration.

At GEG, the development of BIM is one of its main commitments in order to make the best of this methodology in each moment. Since 2013 GEG has been developing its skills in the development of BIM models, with the application of this methodology in its projects and the development of internal research and development projects.

Each day GEG is developing knowledge and experience, in such different projects and in different parts of the world. In the last two weeks, GEG developed internal workshops, so this knowledge could be shared among all the teams, and that all of us could be part of this change.

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