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Douro Palace Hotel

23 July, 2013

In 2007, GEG was responsible for the engineering design and coordination of the Douro Palace Hotel, for the touristic enterprise JASE. Douro Palace Hotel Resort & Spa is located in Baião, has 60 rooms and an amazing view over the Douro River.

In order to respect the local environment and historical heritage, the project took advantage of an existing typical house, rehabilitating it and promoted its development along the terraced landscape, with a smooth integration of the new constructions. This effort, together with the concern in achieving the minimum ecological footprint along the hotel operation were, this year, once again, prized this time with a ” Green Key” – an international award that aims to raise the use of sustainable methods of operation and technology, run ecologically sound and responsible businesses, and thereby reduce resource energy usage.

Some solutions developed by the engineering and architecture teams, together with the client, as the use of photovoltaic panels and the water reuse for gardens and agriculture, allowed the hotel to operate with 50% of autonomy. This is a great achievement not only for the environment sustainability but also for the hotel economic sustainability.

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