GEG will participate in the cycle of visits “Fora de Portas – Engenharia Civil à mostra”

21 April, 2017

FEUP’s Civil Engineering Department is conducting a cycle of visits and conferences, in partnership with the Mostra of the University of Porto and with the Porto Inovation Hub, promoted by Porto Digital. This cycle has the purpose of showing the innovations in Civil Engineering and Architecture that have been taking place in the last decades in the city of Porto, from the vast network of the Metro do Porto, to the rehabilitation of iconic buildings of our city and the construction and rehabilitation of some bridges of the Douro river.

Porto’s Sports Pavilion Rehabilitation

GEG presented the structural rehabilitation design of the Porto’s Sports Pavilion, on April 22 2017. The engineering design project was developed between 2007 and 2011 in collaboration with the architect José Carlos Loureiro, who is the author of the original project. The project included two complementary programs: the rehabilitation of the existing building and the structural design of the new adjacent buildings. In the process of refurbishment of the Porto’s Sports Pavilion, the structure has been exhaustively studied, monitored and evaluated before the intervention.

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