Martin Luther King Day – How to celebrate during COVID-19

19 January, 2021

This week, we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. 

During this pandemic and the overwhelming racists, bigots and disrespectful manifestation of human beings becoming more often, staying positive has become a challenge.  The legacy of Doctor King to the human rights movement mustn’t be forgotten, so we decided to put together a small list of virtual celebration you can join.


Here’s what you can do from your home to join the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in 2021:


#1 Go deeper into Martin Luther King’s speeches. 

It’s time to do some investigation work and try reading some of Martin Luther King’s powerful but lesser-known speeches and writings. It’s not all about the “I have a dream” speech.

Dr. Michael J. Durfee, an assistant professor of history and director of African/Black studies minor at Niagara University, recommends that you read Dr. King’s 1964 Nobel Peace Prize address.

Or if you can access the archive where you can discover all of Martin Luther King, here. 


#2 Watch a set of documentaries and films about Martin Luther King life

With the endless films and historical documentaries on Doctor King’s legacy, we know that his life was well-documented. You can choose to celebrate this day by watching a documentary or a film, and you have a lot of options for this. 

If you have a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon, you can watch “Da 5 Bloods” or “One Night in Miami”. The New York Times has put together a list of cinema to watch on Martin Luther King day. 


#3 Celebrate Martin Luther King’s day by reading

Celebrations with books might be the best kind of celebrations. If you have a curious mind and an introverted lifestyle you already know that but take the time indoors this pandemic has given you to rediscover your love of books. 

Hoopla Digital has put together a list of books on Doctor King’s life. 

There’s one for adults and another for kids. Check all of this out in here.


#4 Plant a small tree or another type of plant in your backyard. 

To plant a tree is to manifest a desire of change, of individual and world’s growth. Doctor King wanted to make a positive impact on the world and this way you can still part of it, even if you are restricted to your house, there’s still a small community living there.  Make it symbolic and a moment to celebrate this day with your kids.


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