“Padrinhos de Portugal” and “GasPorto”

13 August, 2018

Since 2013, some GEG’s collaborators have embraced the cause of “Padrinhos of Portugal“, since they become aware of this cause during a trip to Mozambique, as part of the project development for Portucel in this country, they visited their centre in Praia Nova.

This support has been realized annually, with the contribution to the school support and the communication by letter with our two “godchild” Luisa and Tomás.

This year, these collaborators decided to take a new step and, at the same time, they have maintained the school support of Luisa, their “goddaughter” since five years ago through the cause of “Padrinhos de Portugal”, who will continue this year with their studies, and also contribute to the support of a new institution – “GasPorto”.

GasPorto” is a social action group located in Porto that has been developing a recognized work with national and international social missions. The “Growing Hand in Hand” program, started in 2007 and was implemented in Vila de Macia, Mozambique. This program seeks to improve the living conditions of orphaned and vulnerable children by ensuring that their basic needs are met and that the Macia program team follows up.

Mozambique is among the eight countries in the world with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI) and these institutions (“Padrinhos de Portugal” and “GasPorto”) are some of the institutions that do their small part in supporting the improvement of the living conditions of these children.

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