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Hydroelectric Plant of Fridão


The project for Hydroelectric Exploitation of Fridão in the Tâmega River involved the construction of Fridão’s dam and a downstream secondary dam, which’s primary function is to control water flow, reducing the impact in the Tâmega river when water discharge from the main dam takes place. With this measure, floods in downstream areas are avoided.

The daily water level variation in the downstream reservoir is expected to be of 9 m (based on data supplied by the customer, between elevations +77m and +86m). Given this possible daily variation, it became necessary to survey the whole area in order to generate a geotechnical risk mapping and to analyse the stability of the slopes and banks that will be affected in order to assess the need to implement measures of stabilisation or protection.

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EDP Production
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Conceptual design, Site investigations, Hydropower plants, Geological and geotechnical studies, Geotechnical Engineering, Slope stabilisation, Risk assessment and management, Geological and geotechnical risk mapping, Cost assessment
Tâmega River, Portugal