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Gas Installations - LPG

Kosan Crisplant is a specialized company in Oil and Gas and a worldwide reference in the system of gas transfer and filling of bottles, control and counting, automatism and domotics. Being so, Saudi Arabia is one of the target markets, with the greatest longevity in the commercial relation, in particular, with the state company GASCO.

GEG participation in these projects began in 2017, with engineering design for two installations, in Taif and Abha. Since then, GEG has being kept its services through the involvement in new projects, including four new installations located in four other Saudi cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam e Qassim.

Civil engineering design projects were carried out with the presentation and implementation of solutions optimized taking into account the client’s profile and needs, from the binomial perspective: ease of execution / reduction of costs.

The established partnership lead, until the present time (2018), to more than 25 design projects distributed for different disciplines, from steel structures (Pipe Bridges), through concrete structures (Foundations, Pipe Sleepers), roadway access, road drainage and lighting.

The solutions were designed with the purpose to be applied for the different installations, with enough flexibility to be adapted to the specific conditions of each location. To achieve this high-quality and flexible solutions, the designers consider the specific conditions of each location, the geotechnics, weather conditions, local providers, and highly demanding requirements regarding the work safety standards.

Figure 1 to 3 – Photos from Jeddah installation.
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Kosan Crisplant
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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia