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New Bugesera International Airport


GEG is developing the detailed design for the construction of the new Rwanda main airport in the capital Kigali by Mota-Engil Africa. The preliminary design was developed by the Austrian company Airport Design Management (ADM).

The project for the New Bugesera International Airport (NBIA) involves the construction of a new airport approximately 23 km to the southeast of Kigali City. The airport will be situated within the Rilima and Juru sectors of the Bugesera District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

The new airport will provide a world-class gateway for Kigali and Rwanda, with the flexibility to expand and develop as a key hub airport within the East Africa region.

The NBIA will have an initial capacity of 1.7 million passengers per year and an estimated cost of about 375 million euros (construction value for the 1st phase).

In addition to a 3,750 meters runway, a modern terminal building, a presidential terminal, office buildings for stakeholders, and all necessary infrastructures for operation, the airport will be equipped with some of the latest features for cargo handling, aircrafts maintenance, catering services, etc.

The airport is designed according to the principles of maximum flexibility, both operational and also in terms of future expansion.

This project is part of an ambitious investment program from the Government of Rwanda with the aim of transform Kigali in a tourist and business destination and to make this new airport a hub for Rwanda Air. The construction of the new airport will be entirely delivered by Mota-Engil Africa and its completion is scheduled for 2020.

The NBIA project also includes an Expressway, to link the airport to the capital Kigali, located mostly in Bugesera District. This Expressway will be approximately 14 km long with a section of approximately 4 km being located within the area leased to BAC for the airport site.

The Expressway will connect the airport to the national KK-15 Road joining to the south of the Nyabarongo Bridge and in the northern outskirts of Karamuna Village.

The construction of the Expressway is expected to begin in early 2018.

Within the scope of this project, GEG is responsible for developing the structural and infrastructures design of all buildings and airport areas, geological and geotechnical studies and geotechnical design, and the design of airport runways and all access roads at the airport, including an expressway to the capital Kigali.

NBIA – Key facts:
  • 1.7 million passengers per year
  • Peak hour capacity: 450 passengers
  • 375M€ (construction value for the 1st phase)
  • Runway length: 3,750 m
  • Airport area: 580 ha
  • Passenger terminal area: 30,000 sqm
  • 19 buildings in total (total construction area of over 90,000 sqm)
  • 14 km Expressway to link the airport to Kigali through the national KK-15 Road

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Mota-Engil Africa
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