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Transports - Bridges & Viaducts

Viaducts over the spillways – Baixo Sabor Dam


The Baixo Sabor hydroelectric power plant system is comprised by two levels. The reservoir created by the upstream dam extends over 60 km. The reservoir created by the downstream dam has a length of about 9.6 km and is comprised between the two dams. The hydroelectric power will have an installed power of 172 MW and will produce an average annual energy of 460 GWh.

GEG developed the structural design for the viaducts over the spillways of downstream and upstream dams, and the design of the permanent form system applied on the sloping face of the upstream dam spillway.

The viaducts have decks with 11.30 m wide and one traffic lane in each direction. On both sides of the road there are sidewalks, with 1.40 m width, with metal security handrails and guardrails.

Structurally, each deck is materialized by precast beams, solidarized by a slab concreted in situ over pre-slabs. Removable slabs were adopted over the cofferdams in order to allow their operation and maintenance.

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EDP Production
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Baixo Sabor, Portugal
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