Façade Engineering

Façade Engineering

The development of the façade engineering design focuses on providing a set of efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for building façades – one of the most important elements regarding the aesthetic and technical performance of buildings – which meet the requirements and purposes of architecture.

For the development of this specific design, our structural experts identify and highlight main constraints and structural challenges of a building by thoroughly evaluating the information presented and existing on-site and its environmental conditions. This evaluation provides an overview of the project and a brief description of the design philosophy and its assumptions.

The holistic response to be achieved, with aesthetic results but also technical performance such as the energy improvement, is built on a close relation with the architect and the other engineering involved in the project.

The accordance requirements and structure workability are affected by the relationships between different building organic systems, including load resistance and transfers (the structural system), the architectural system and the functional systems required by the structure.

In this discipline, several aspects are considered and evaluated, such as material performance, structural behavior, weather resistance, safety and operability, maintenance and construction method, among others.

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