Rehabilitation and refurbishment design

Rehabilitation and refurbishment design

The rehabilitation and refurbishment of existing buildings and infrastructures require, at an early stage, an appropriate characterization of the current state of conservation of these constructions and an evaluation of the characteristics of the intended use. Based on these results, it is then possible to develop a rehabilitation design and an eventual reinforcement of the structure, complemented with the projects from the remaining engineering disciplines.

GEG develops the study, monitoring and evaluation of the structures. For this purpose, our team of experts implements an integrated inspection plan for the assessment and diagnosis of the state of conservation and structural behaviour, which includes, for example, static and dynamic testing.

The implementation of an inspection plan along with the assembly of elements from the original project as well as testimonies of the constructive process, namely historical photographs, constitute a part of the research work decisive for the study and evaluation of the structure current condition.

This work allows to calibrate calculation models to adequately represent the existing structure, evaluate the impact of the changes that are intended to be implemented and determine the necessary intervention to reinforce and preserve the existing structure.

In the requalification of a building and infrastructure, the constraints and limitations existing in the development of the engineering design of all disciplines are increased and must be carefully considered. GEG promotes solutions that allow achieving the intended functionality of these structures while maintaining its original characteristics.

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