Hydraulics & Water Resources

Hydraulics & Water Resources

As an essential but non-renewable resource, water must be preserved, controlled and rehabilitated in order to ensure its quality and the efficiency of its use, management and transport. One must also ensure the sustainability of this resource for future generations. These are GEG’s main goals when providing services in this domain.

The services we provide in the water cycle domain consider all the stages of this same cycle, from the collection of water in the environment to the proper treatment considering further consumption. The residual water that results from this use is then recollected and treated in order to be used again or returned to nature in environmentally safe conditions.

Our multidisciplinary and global approach provides the development of integrated, flexible and sustainable engineering solutions throughout the whole water cycle.

GEG offers its clients a wide range of services in the domain of water resources management, from the strategic planning and the development of macroeconomic studies for the whole water cycle in urban and non-urban environments, to the transport, treatment and storage of water for human consumption, production of energy or other productive activities, collection, treatment and discharge of residual water.

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