Coastal defense constructions

Coastal defense constructions

Sea has represented (and in many cases still represents) one of the principal means of communications and transport at our society’s disposal. Sea also represents a source of food and, more recently, a source of recreation, being, since the beginning, an attraction to men. Concurrently, the development of large urban cities has mostly taken place in coastal areas, exposing them to the effects of potential aggressive storm events.

Coastal defense is therefore essential to guarantee a wide range of activities ranging from trade and transportation and industry, to leisure and recreation.

Adding to these factors, are the growing impacts of climate change, be it due to the increased weather instability or due to the rising sea levels. This set of factors inevitably adds to the urgency associated with coastal protection works, especially in urban or environmentally sensitive areas.

In this context, GEG develops work towards balancing the protection of coastlines, beaches and/or near-shore areas/promenades and the development of the different associated activities in these same locations.

Our multidisciplinary team has all the capabilities to design efficient coastal protection solutions and to guarantee the proper consideration of the underlying environmental constraints, maximizing the sustainability of the proposed solutions.

As part of the services which we provide within the scope of coastal protection are included studies and design projects on:

  • Stabilization of natural beaches
  • Artificial beaches
  • Coastal protection
  • Coastal defense structures
  • Dredging works
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