Transport Engineering

Transport Engineering

Transport Engineering comprehends the several disciplines involved in the development of projects and consultancy in the sector of Transports, developing integrated solutions that could generate greater mobility for people and goods through multiple communication infrastructures.

For each solution in the sector of transports, one needs multidisciplinary teams that can work in a coordinated way in the development of competent solutions. At GEG we focus ourselves on an efficient project management in order to develop engineering design perfectly fitted to the needs and ambitions of our clients.

Within this framework, GEG develops and coordinates every step of a project: from the initial concept and viability studies to the preliminary draft and detailed design, including the coordination and supervision at the work site.

Some of the services we provide are potentially appropriate for the different modes of transport, such as the projects for bridges or tunnels, or the studies of transports, while others are specific to certain locations, such as the design for pavements or for railway tracks.

For each challenge, regardless of their dimension, complexity or location, we focus on the development of the best engineering solutions and on the use of the best practices for the project management.

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