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One of the biggest challenges when designing a building is the creation of ideal conditions for the users of that building as well as the integration into its surroundings. GEG has multidisciplinary design teams capable of developing designs where all disciplines are integrated in order to achieve that goal with efficiency and innovation.

GEG is developing designs in the building sector since 1987, working with renowned architects. Initially focused on the design of structures and geotechnics, GEG began developing the design of all disciplines involved in a building in 2006, with the beginning of the internationalisation.

GEG’s capacity for multidisciplinary implementation of the various components in studies and designs, technical assistance and site supervision, supported by efficient coordination, guarantees the client a complete solution for the development of his project. GEG has a team of specialists in building designs, including structures, foundations, façades, HVAC, electrical and hydraulic systems, sustainability, fire and life safety, among other disciplines, supported by a team of project management professionals.

Engineering Design Strategy

In the design of new buildings as well as in the valuation of patrimony and existing buildings, GEG develops global strategies, introduces innovative technologies, manages resources in a sustainable way and creates details that make a difference, always taking into consideration the singularities, constraints and goals of the project. We are committed to an efficient project management and constant promotion of the use and development of new tools, such as the BIM methodology.

GEG has increasingly been participating in the urban development of the cities and countries where it is present, having been invited to design important collective facilities, such as commercial centres and pavilions, football stadiums and cultural centres, hospitals and industrial facilities, colleges and residential buildings,  scientific institutes and schools, hotels and real estate investments.

The strategy that we follow in the development of a building design focuses on four vectors:

  • GEG’s Vast Experience in several sectors and different services, highlighting the highly qualified multidisciplinary staff;
  • Sustainable Engineering, which seeks to achieve solutions and works that are sustainable and marketable throughout their life cycle, and promote a sustainable environment and world;
  • Project Management – development and coordination of the project throughout its lifecycle, in its various disciplines;
  • Innovation – innovation is promoted throughout the project’s lifecycle so as to generate innovative solutions for problem-solving.
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