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Sports Facilities

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Sports Facilities

The new generation of modern sports facilities, stadiums and pavilions have a significant impact in the communities where they are located, and also function as multifunctional spaces which provide a stage for other cultural events.

The way these sports facilities are inserted in the city must be carefully considered in order to enhance the whole framework, while seeking to facilitate the access and mobilisation of the teams and spectators.

Sports facilities design is focused on its main purpose: to be the venue of the sport activity, providing high-quality conditions for sports practice while allowing the fans to enjoy the events and providing all the necessary conditions for a proper operation of the information technologies.

However, the trend towards multifunctional sports facilities, including new commercial and entertainment areas, increases the complexity of these projects due to the different technical requirements of the various spaces in terms of comfort and safety.

The security conditions of these venues must be carefully attended, as they are spaces that simultaneously accomodate thousands of people.

GEG Experience in Sports facilities and Stadiums

At GEG we develop engineering services, to give support to our clients so that they can achieve their goals successfully. We promote sustainable engineering solutions through the construction and operation stages.

The first major project of GEG in this sector was the Dragon stadium, in Porto. This stadium was the stage of the first game of the European Football Championship of 2004. It constitutes a splendid architectural and engineering work which stands out harmoniously in its urban context and encompasses multifunctional spaces such as a museum, clinic, gymnasium and offices.

Following the success of Dragon stadium, GEG has developed stadium and major international sports complexes’ designs, mainly in the Middle East and Africa. GEG also developed construction supervision for several stadiums in Iraq.

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