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In recent years, companies are drastically changing the way they operate in light of a new environmental awareness, a public concern about sustainable development and increasingly strict environmental protection laws and regulations.

In this context, GEG presents itself as a partner in the development of studies and designs in each of the three vectors we consider fundamental in this area, namely Water, Environment, and Energy.

We have a high level of proficiency and work with our clients and partners to develop solutions of excellence that strike the balance between the need for development and growth and respect for the environment.


GEG’s strategy on Environment engineering design

The designs in this field have been developed fundamentally since the beginning of the 21st century, accompanied by the rooting of this culture that affirms the primacy of the planet’s environmental and energetic sustainability.

The urban water cycle, the quality of the environment, the protection of natural resources and the use of new renewable energy sources now represent important areas for the development of GEG services in this sector.

The growing importance of the respect for the environment worldwide, the urgency to take care of our planet and to have a mark of sustainability in each developed design, makes the Environment sector one of the sectors with the greatest potential for internationalisation and growth.

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