Training sessions on Porto’ schools

21 November, 2016

GEG aims to contribute to a sustainable and social economy development, implementing locally actions for personal development and promoting an active participation of students. For this purpose, GEG has developed a collaboration protocol with the Cerco School Group in Porto, which will be active in the 2016-2017 school year.

The main objective is to promote the know-how and practices of the corporate world and raise students’ awareness of the labour market by promoting initiatives and talking about the local and economic structure as a means of skills development, developing programs that include entrepreneurship and citizenship, promoting success at school, vocational and personal development, and promoting new reference models based on GEG’s experience as an active company (with active and participative employees). In these actions, we intend to value the environmental and social components of the engineering projects we develop, highlighting the benefits of the engineering activity for the community and the environment.

GEG considers the contact of our collaborators, with the reality and problems of education, very enlightening for their personal development.

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