Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is the discipline of civil engineering dedicated to the calculation, analysis and design of resistant, sustainable and secure structures depending on the geometry, loads, materials, risks and costs of each building.

The excellence of civil engineering in the structural and foundations design disciplines is associated at GEG with the significant technical experience of geology and geotechnics. The development of projects in these disciplines constitutes a primordial and structuring expertise of its services, which is applied in a broadening way to different areas of activity, associated with the competencies in the architectural design.

The development of specific services in structural engineering – particularly on buildings – has played an important role in the company’s history. GEG extols its extensive experience over the numerous projects it has participated in, from residential, commercial and cultural buildings, to airport terminals, sports facilities and hospitals.

The wide range of services provided by GEG in this discipline comprises the analysis, management and coordination, design and feasibility studies, as well as technical studies and consultancies specialized in dynamics, vibration, acoustics and fire and earthquakes’ resistance.

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